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Information Literacy: What is Information Literacy?

An initiative to develop information literate students at the Community College of Rhode Island.

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy (IL) is a set of abilities enabling individuals to:

  • Recognize when information is needed
  • Locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information

Collaboration between librarians and instructors can help to increase students’ information literacy skills.  IL is a process that spans the entire college experience and enhances life-long learning.

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

The information literate student:

  • Determines the nature and extent of the information needed
  • Accesses needed information effectively and efficiently
  • Evaluates information and its sources critically and incorporates selected information into his or her knowledge base and value system
  • Uses information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  • Understands many of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and accesses and uses information ethically and legally

ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

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